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Providers can use the links below to begin the Meditech Training modules. Remember to return to this page after completion of any module to start the next. Contact Glenn Heaney, 格伦.heaney@calverthealthmed.org, with any questions.


The following Tutorials are PowerPoints with layered slides. To understand the content they 必须 be viewed as a “Slide Show”!
You should have received instructions as to which tutorials are appropriate for your training. Limited guidance is provided below:

An Overview of Expanse for Inpatient Providers *Required for ALL Inpatient Providers*

Orders and Documents are Required for all Providers(Inpatient and ED)
A Detailed review of the Ordering Process

A detailed look at Documents

The Universal Discharge process is optional for consultants who never admit/Discharge patients but required for Admitting Providers and ALL Surgeons
A detailed look at Universal Discharge

An Overview of Expanse for ED Providers *Required for ALL ED Providers*

*Please review the Orders and Documents PowerPoints in the 住院病人 section above
A detailed look at the ED Universal Discharge